Our Partners

We believe in delivering value to our customers and hence we are very selective in choosing the right technological partners which adds immense trust in our capabilities and offerings. We have diversified our business by collaborating with reputed and strong business partners to serve our customers with a wide rage of offerings.

We represent Iwaki, one of the oldest & trusted global chemical pump manufacturers. Iwaki have supplied a wide range of fluid control equipment for manufacturing processes in various industries such as semiconductors, water treatment, surface treatment, food processing, paper production, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. We believe in quality solution which is why Iwaki is the answer to all your chemical handling applications

We represent HERMAG, one of the leading ISO and API canned pump manufacturer. They service products for a range of applications in chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas and general industry. HERMAG is an expert at handling all your chemical handling and pumping needs for more than 600 liquids, including explosive, dangerous, toxic and valuable liquids.

We represent Mamec, manufacturer of special pumps and agitators. Mamec has been serving their customers in various industries since 1951 which showcases the company’s strength to be at the top of its game. Mamec is specialized in vertical long frame as well as dry installation pumps and industrial mixers and agitators. Mamec has achieved it’s strong position as reliable professional supplier thanks to skilled personnel, modern productive machinery and long experience.

We are also capable of supplying Control Valves, On / Off Valves, Emergency Shut Down Valves, Butterfly Valves, Segment Valves, Globe Valves, Eccentric Plug Valves, Ball Valves, Valve Controls, Electric & Pneumatic Actuators and Intelligent Valve Controllers and its spare parts for various industrial applications. We partner with reputed suppliers for such requirements who are known in the industry for innovative technology and product quality.

As an OEM spare part supplier for PC pumps.  We can support you for all the major spare parts requirements for Progressive Cavity Pump available in the market including the likes of Allweiler, Inoxpa,  Netzsch, Mono, PCM, Seepex, Wangen to name a few.  We supply Stator, Rotor, Shaft Bearing, Coupling Rod / Connecting Rod, Drive Shaft Mechanical Seals Joint Parts (Pins, Bushes, Sleeves, etc.) Cover Sleeves O-Rings and further Spare Parts. We can customize our solutions as per customers needs. We are one stop solution for all your PC pump spare part needs. We also support spares for John Crane and Eagle Burgmann Seals for your pump, agitator, reactor and filters.