Special Pumps

Special Pumps

We partner with Mamec for special pumps such as slurry pumps, vortex pumps, cantilever pumps etc. They are specialised in vertical long frame and dry installation pumps as well as in industrial mixers and container agitators. We can support our customers with the below special pump application.

Slurry Pumps

Mamec Oy's slurry pumps work even under difficult conditions. High technical expertise ensures the individual implementation of slurry pumps together with a steady safe function. The construction ensures an efficient pumping of thick and problematic sediment. Acid-resistant steel can be used as a raw material if desired for specific pumps.

Vortex Pumps

Mamec’s vortex pumps are suitable for sewage, sediment and wastewater pumps. Rubber lined or with another surface treatment the pumps withstand very hard and abrasive use. Wide passing and long shaft vortex pumps are suitable for many purposes. These pumps are versatile can be used to pump and move sewage and different industrial sediments. Also many particles containing heavy masses can be pumped without shredding and crushing. It sucks in everything that can fit in through the intake manifold. The pumps are by construction single stage, long shaft semi-submersible pumps.

Cantilever Pumps

Cantilever pumps are suitable as special pumps for difficult conditions. There are no bearings nor sealings below the mounting plate. These pumps are suitable for applications such As groundwater pump, Pumping paints, adhesives and solvents, Pumping cold and hot acids, Pumping cold and hot bases, Pumping cutting and cooling liquids (machining and grinding machines), Pumping liquids for surface treatment plants, Pumping glassware, Pumping in processes where not a single drop of oil should come in the pumped product.

Hydraulic Pumps

The pumps are designed to stand long lasting and hardwearing constant use. Rubber lining and coatings increase wear resistance. They are suitable in different areas, such as wastewater pump for woodworking, food industry or chemical industry.

Sewage Pumps

Mamec Oy’s fixed-mounted HVVU-wastewater pumps are suitable for pumping both wastewater and groundwater. They can be also used for pumping many chemical liquids (for example, ferrous sulphate).The pump volute of wastewater pumps is moulded acidproof steel plate. The bearing cartridge and impeller is easy to change. We also offer a portable HVVS wastewater pump that is for example suitable for emptying boats, columns pits and oil tanks. All steel parts in contact with liquid are of acid-proof steel EN 1.4404 Seals are of Viton rubber and bearing is of carbon graphite teflon.


Mamec PP flood pumps are an effective solution for transferring large water masses. The pumps are suitable, for example, for drainage of cultivation areas, flood water removal and for fish farms. The flood pumps are single stage, long shaft semi-submersible pumps. Water plants or trashes do not clog the pumps and the shaft structure is non-frozen. Pumps can be used during peak seasons of the floods, without problems, 24 hours a day.

Special Pumps

Mamec Slurry pumps work even in difficult conditions and our technical solutions ensure an individual implementation and a smooth secure action. The pumps are designed to bear long-lasting and constant usage. Rubber lining and coatings increase wear resistance.