Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Pump & Mechanical Seal Spare Parts

We provide quality spare part for PC pumps. We can support for all the major spare parts for Progressive Cavity Pump available in the market including the likes of Allweiler, Inoxpa, Netzsch, Mono, PCM, Seepex, Wangen to name a few. We supply Stator, Rotor, Shaft Bearing, Coupling Rod / Connecting Rod, Drive Shaft Mechanical Seals Joint Parts (Pins, Bushes, Sleeves, etc.) Cover Sleeves O-Rings and further Spare Parts. We are one stop solution for all your PC pump spare part needs. We also support mechanical seal spares for John Crane & Eagle Burgmann.

Valve Spare Parts

We can supply spare parts for a range of valve offerings as used in original valve or accessory. Spare parts are made to meet original material and specification. We provide you the assurance that the spare part is designed for maximum equipment lifetime. We assure high quality spare parts thereby reducing your maintenance cost, production loss and safety risks. We also ensure faster delivery at a competitive price thereby reducing your costly shutdowns.

Process Spares

We also provides wearing components, spare parts and consumables for pressure screens, mixers, dispersers, cookers, pumps and other process equipment. As OEM partner with several manufacturers we can provide cost efficient OEM equipment and spare parts as part of our deliveries.