Industrial Products

Industrial Products

Adpap’s technological expertise in various process industries acts as a support for Adpap Middle-East in the chemical handling processes, systems, equipment and expert services for customers.

ADS-Pressure Screen

Durable ADS-Pressure screens for demanding screening. ADS-screens are especially developed for screening coating colours, surface size, pigments, milk of lime and other demanding solutions, fluids and slurries. Maximum structural working pressure is 1000 kPa.

Cooking Unit

High quality and durable ADJet cooking units for the Paper & Pulp, Cardboard Industry. ADJet starch cookers have been designed for continuous cooking process of wet-end starch, surface size, binder starch and PVA.
The cooking unit can be equipped with PLC control panel or connected directly customer’s existing control system.

ADM Mixer

ADM-mixer for chemical and raw material handling in various industrial applications. ADM-mixer is especially developed for coating colours and pigment batch preparation. ADM-mixer is installed on load cells, which contributes to fast and accurate batch preparation and dosing. Top mounted mixer shaft construction contributes to easy maintenance and eliminates requirement for mechanical sealing. The impeller construction provides maximum mixing effect with minimum energy consumption.

Dispersing Unit

Dispersing units for making up dispersions of slurries in various industrial applications especially the Paper & Pulp, Chemical, Petrochemical and Paint Industry

Dispersing units are designed for batch dispersing of different powder form chemicals or raw materials like bentonite, fillers, binders, lime and alum. The dispersing units are designed and manufactured based on chemical or raw material, process and production capacity requirements.

Dissolving Unit

Steel dissolver unit for dissolving chemicals, raw materials and additives. Dissolving units are designed for batch dispersing and dissolving of different soluble powders, flakes or granulates e.g. polymers, sulphates, salts, soaps and guar gum.
The units are designed and manufactured based on chemical or raw material, process and production capacity requirements.

Dosing Unit

Dosing units for chemical, raw material and additive fluids and slurries in various industrial applications especially Chemical, Mining, Petrochemical, Water & waste water treatment etc.

Adpap dosing units are always designed, dimensioned and manufactured based on chemical, raw material or additive properties, process and production capacity requirements and dosing system design.

Slaker Unit

Custom made lime slaker units for the Paper & Pulp Industry. Slaker units are available for both batch and continuous slaking processes. It is designed and manufactured based on raw material, process and production capacity requirements.